Sara Byfield 

             Garden Design, Painting, Life in Nature    

"I believe that a garden should not be looked upon as work but instead we become caretakers for the assembly of amazing characters of the magical plant kingdom. " Sara Byfield

I approach all gardens as a canvas and the plants are "mixed-media" of color and texture and don't forget season.  For example, regard the Fothergilla (gardinii) example above, this is a spring-blooming shrub but look at the fall color display here. 

Every garden is like a family,  and when you think about it, each plant has different characteristics; some prefer one kind of soil while others annoyingly attract aphids. There is always some sort of drama going on! 


Lysimachia Cllethroides, Gooseneck Loosestrife. Mid-summer to Fall.

While some consider this an invasive species, it can be controlled if grown not in full sun but in somewhat dry soil and part shade.  Lovely if  planted in a wild garden where it can clump together and stay together. (Family). 

Check my writing page for more information on wild gardens.

When I am not in the garden (breaking shovels!) I am busy developing plant lists and creating designs, using a unique software program I developed. This beginning step saves on the entire project cost and frees up time for selecting and finding the right plant materials. Proper installation of  a garden should include low-maintenance options so that it will be enjoyed and loved for a lifetime.

I think every garden should have paths.  It compels the mind to wander forth, it awakens curiosity and invites our most dormant senses to come alive.